Isabella Lè Miliae and Millennials

I probably don’t need to remind you of the old "closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear" saying? “Current Fashion Trends” or “Must Haves This Season” headlines are constantly flashing online and dominating recognised luxury fashion magazines like Vogue or Elle, leaving it to ‘the experts’ to answer the daily rhetorical question of “what shall I wear today?”. While some people argue that the fashion industry makes money from people’s insecurities, others will swear that it boosts their confidence, however I have decided to leave it to Cosmopolitan to analyse this never-ending topic.

We are currently in 2021, and being classified as a Millennial myself, I agree that authenticity, transparency, and diversity are the main ideologies characterising this generation. We are curious, we speak up for ourselves, we enjoy being listened to, and as a result hold the power over our autonomy. Building on these key values, Isabella Lè Miliae kimonos have been designed by two Millennials and are designed to create yourself, to show your authenticity by being able to style it many different ways, whatever the weather.

Kimonos started being worn during the Japanese Heian Period (794-1185) and since then have been popular for many reasons, but mainly for their inherent versatility;  they can easily be layered or altered to suit any season. Typically, colour combinations represented the gender, marital status, and the political class to which one belonged, and consequently revealed the individual identity of the wearer. Later, Japan implemented a strict Western work uniform system and gradually the popularity of kimonos deceased.

Most people associate kimonos as translucent beach cover-ups or a night robes. However, the word ‘kimono’ itself in Japanese means ‘clothing’, lending itself to the idea of an all season, versatile kimono in keeping with Japan’s clothing history. Isabella Lè Miliae kimonos are therefore designed to be multi- styled and can be worn however your heart desires. Even the belt of our kimonos can be easily turned into the headband. Therefore, the versatile kimono is a must-have item in your wardrobe and will ensure that you avoid those pesky ‘nothing to wear’ situations at home.

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Renata Andriusyte


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