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2020 has been quite a year. With the global pandemic forcing most of us into our homes for a time of self reflection and solitude, lockdown has also given birth to a new-found social activism. No one can ignore the fact that social media platforms have been full of posts about equality ranging from Trans rights, to Black Lives Matter, to women’s rights and more. Now that we’re all looking to the internet as something that helps move the groundhog day forward, it is impossible to ignore all of the atrocities and inequalities in the world that we normally are too busy to pay real attention to. 

One of the biggest themes of the last few years has been a focus on the fashion industry and its unhealthy body standards. Women are constantly compared to each other, encouraged to compete with one another, and persistently made to feel as though they’re not quite good enough, not thin enough, not beautiful enough. But 2020 has seen a positive shift towards more body positivism, more self love, and less comparison. So many instagram models and influencers are owning up to editing their photos, to the fact that they take over 100 photos before they choose the one to share. Survival Of the Fittest contestant Georgia Clark recently started sharing posts where she compared a photo she would post to Instagram versus a photo where she isn’t posing, highlighting that what we see on instagram isn’t a fair reflection of people’s bodies or their lives. She emphasises the role that the media plays in making girls less confident, and in making them feel shame for perfectly natural things like cellulite. In a recent post she shares how her and Zara McDermot from Love Island were compared in the same outfit of different colours and how it made her feel totally inadequate and miserable, she stated: ’We have been taught by the media to compare ourselves because of this type of content. However, it’s creating unrealistic beauty standards which natural humans can not possibly achieve. Appreciate other women for being different, raise them up instead of bringing them down…Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to looks, however having a comment section with loads of opinions is really detrimental to both our mental health and other women reading the comments. It dehumanises us.’ Georgia is not the only influencer to start to use her platform to raise awareness for this and it is such an important message that needs to be shared to help the pre-determined bias no longer be standard for us and future generations. 

Isabella Le Milliae was set up by two very educated, strong business women who aim to share this message within the context of their brand. The kimonos are designed in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, enabling any woman of any size to express themselves and their style through the kimono without fear and without self-doubt. Each kimono is designed in such a way that it can be styled however the wearer choses. The kimono could be worn as a beach coverup, an accessory for a night out, or even a wrap over dress; the choice is yours. Owned and run by three women, the brand aims for total inclusivity, versatility and wants to bring the wearer full body confidence. The idea that runs deep through each design is to ‘enable women to express themselves fully through fashion, and to empower and inspire women to lift each other up rather than to compete with one another. In a world where women are constantly compared and judged by their peers, it is important that women learn to support each other, be their cheerleaders, and push away any societal norm that would have a negative or opposite effect. The owners herald the idea that every woman is beautiful and chooses to express their personality in different ways, whether that be a ‘simple and classy or with as many details and accessories added to be a rock and roll queen’. These kimonos not only support female empowerment, but actively seek to boost it through their timeless and versatile one size fits all approach. 

Harriet Mackenzie


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