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why A kimono?

When traditional fashion mixes with contemporary style, beautiful things can happen. It combines influences from the traditional kimono garment, and blends them together with the versatility and simplicity of a lightweight cover-up. Kimono is one of the world's most iconic pieces of fashion but what is it? Kimono is the national dress of Japan. When translated, the word kimono means; “something to wear.” The modern kimono is on trend because of its clean lines, and it’s a really easy way for women to wear a dramatic piece without it being too overwhelming.

Isabella Lè Miliae kimono can always be styled with basic pieces you already have in your wardrobe in order to create a fashionable and classy outfit. Kimono is also a garment that works for women of all ages and body types, because it’s not form-fitting. It is an easy go-to piece to wear with just about everything. Take the kimono on your next trip, because it’s easily packable and can double as a swim cover-up for the beach and jacket for an evening out to dinner or simply styled as a wrap dress.

Alicia in our 'Zira' kimono
Fashion & STYLE TIPS:
create a perfect summer look

Whether you are going on a summer vacation, beach date, or just spending an afternoon on the shore listening to the waves crash, you can always count on the kimono to create a nice stylish and comfy outfit. Beach outfits that are a little dressy are great for dinners by the beach or events such as a concert or a beach party. When creating a kimono summer look, we recommend to make the most of the accessories in your wardrobe. The options are pretty endless. Try a pair of interesting sunglasses, or a hat that you really love. Style it with your statement belt, dearest high- heels and your favourite red lipstick shade for an eye- catching powerful beach party look. Or simply put on your bikini, comfy sandals and throw a kimono on top on it for an effortless beach look. Because ILM versatile kimonos designed with a timeless style in mind will slot into your wardrobe and work with anything else you’re wearing.

Fashion & STYLE TIPS:
Guide to Cocktail Attire

Dress to impress depends on your preferred style – minimalism or being an eccentric dresser or perhaps a persona that is a bit of both, however, either way you can use one of our ILM kimonos to create a perfect evening outfit. You can always match our kimonos with either straight or skinny black (or white) pants as they are another timeless fashion piece that you should have in your wardrobe. For the eccentric style lovers, pick anything from metallic wide leg pants to sequin dresses. Also, you can always create an elegant effortless look, simply by pairing our kimonos with fishnet or vintage printed tights.

Gabija in our 'Eliia' kimono
fashion & STYLE TIPS:
create an every day look

The oversized and floaty look of the kimono can add a whole new element to your look, with hardly any effort. Keep the rest of your look super simple, to let your kimono do all of the talking. Try pairing it with a pair of classy Bermuda shorts and and slip-on loafers, when the weather is warm enough, or boyfriend style jeans, when you want to cover up a bit more. The kimono’s versatility allows it to be styled with different pants, dresses or floaty skirts. It’s a piece you can wear now, in summer and into fall.

Fashion & STYLE TIPS:
how to style streetwear

Probably nowadays you can hear more and more of the word 'streetwear' which actually can be anything from cotton joggers to silk maxi dresses. This term usually refers to something comfortable to wear for a walk in the park to going for a dinner with friends on Friday night. The streetwear style is so many people’s go-to each day because dress codes have become so much more relaxed. The amount of customers looking for tailoring has decreased as more and more people are wearing jeans with a jacket to work, and those who previously wore jeans are now more inclined to shop for a tracksuit, according to Harvey Nichols buying department. So whether you’re looking to adjust your style, or just refine your jeans-and-a-sweatshirt wardrobe, here are a few ways how to do it without looking like a try-hard. Firstly, for a more sophisticated (and probably sustainable) outfit we recommend choosing high quality fabrics. Even, the standard fabric such as cotton which use high-street brands such as 'Sandro' or 'Kooples' makes a big difference when compared with fabrics that offer retailers such as 'H&M' or 'New Look'. While saying that, we do not recommend choosing tacky 'full of logos' outfits by 'Armani Jeans' or 'Gucci' but instead recommending getting the look without logos, or at least keep them tucked away as subtle details. Because an adult knows the best thing about grail finds isn’t shouting about where they’re from, but being asked. The latest trend (that was even more accelerated by ongoing pandemic) is a silhouette that’s more relaxed than the figure-hugging tailoring of a few years ago, but doesn’t make you look like a tent with legs. Brands from the high-end to the high street have swung from slim fits to straight-leg shapes that offer more movement on a skateboard – and are more comfortable off one. And last but not the least, keep it simple. Streetwear is about the mix-and-match; pieces from different brands and cultures that together reflect your own allegiances and interests. That’s not to say you can’t rock statement or logo pieces. But as a grown-up, you should pair them with stuff that shows a bit more creativity. The ‘it’ hoodie that’s a must-have for fashion editors works better with chinos more readily seen on skaters than trousers and sneakers from the same brand. If you’re dressed like a lookbook, dial things back.

Alicia in our 'Nala' kimono
Fashion & STYLE TIPS:
how to rock your party outfit

We all have that one short, bodycon dress lying in our closets, perhaps you’ve used it a bit too much and are bored of it now. You can instantly transform this dress into a party outfit by wearing a kimono on top! Another option how you can style a statement party outfit is simply by wearing a sequin jacket. An element of bling can transform your look in seconds, and there’s nothing better than a bling blazer to justify the above statement. Be it a basic dress, a simple top paired with jeans or even a long dress, throwing on a sequin kimono such as 'Nala', ''Thylane', or 'Elia' can instantly draw the attention to itself making it the hero element of your outfit. For early 2000s style lovers, we recommend styling a silk scarf together with the kimono, adding some hoop earring and blending this iconic party outfit together with a baguette handbag and your favourite heeled mules.

Fashion & STYLE TIPS:
create a cool boho look

The perfect boho look is the one that feels most comfortable and kimono is a must-have item when creating bohemian outfit. Neutral colours combined with either parsley, floral or animal prints when paired together with a cowboy hat, western boots or a pair or aviator's sunglasses will always guarantee you a classy boho chic outfit. Accessorising is one of the most important parts when creating a perfect boho look, therefore don't be afraid to go for more than usual amount of accessories. Go for layered necklaces, multi rings, fringed leather handbags and belts. By the way, you can also simply mix up classics with bohemian items to create a fabulous look. How can it be done? Go for a semi-sheer printed kimono and layer it over classic little black dress.

Fashion & STYLE TIPS:
a master to stylish pregnancy

Who says maternity style has to be dull and boring? Research suggests seven out of 10 mums-to-be think they look frumpy while expecting, and nearly a quarter feel 'unsexy'. At ILM, we suggest to look for adaptive and versatile garments, especially during the pregnancy. It's all about quality rather than quantity when it comes to a maternity wardrobe. Look for styles that can expand and retract and are able to last for most of your pregnancy, and even a few months after the birth. Remember, all you need is a few key pieces - just make sure they are they highest quality you can afford because you might find yourself wearing them solidly for six months. Keep your eyes peeled for drawstring waists, empire lines and wrap tops that can also be styled with the kimono and can also be used for nursing after the birth too.

Mummy-to-be Eleanor in our 'Maya' kimono
Fashion & STYLE TIPS:
redefining vintage style

Vintage clothing is often higher quality with better tailoring and attention to details. The fabrics are mostly natural such as cotton, silk, linen or wool and more comfortable to wear which makes ILM kimono a perfect garment to create a vintage inspired look. So, how do you style a vintage outfit? Start by picking just one vintage item and pair it with contemporary items. Choosing vintage accessories is a great beginner’s way of dipping your toes into the vintage pool. For example, maybe you have a pair of cool vintage heeled boots owed by your mother, or an eye- catching grandma's handbag? Or maybe simply you are a fan of pin-up stockings or 'vintage look' tights? The picture of the outfit below was simply created by combining ivory lace tights together with our best selling 'Savannah' kimono.